Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jordan Crossings

At pivotal times in life you may find yourself at a point of departure where you leave one place and enter into a new dimension in life. From student to employee.  From employee to employer.  From renter to home owner.  From pew sitter to missionary. Such places I like to call "Jordan crossings."

Jordan crossings represent a divide, where although you are in one place, you can see the other side. It is a place that challenges you to transition into a new dimension in your life. A new dimension in your relationship with the Lord. A new dimension in marriage. A new dimension in ministry. A new dimension in finances. A new dimension in your physical body. A new dimension in parenting. A new dimension in industry. A new dimension in business.

Jordan crossings are: where you walk into what others only looked at; where you experience what others have only dreamt about; where you go from hanging around the anointing to actively participating in the move of God. Jordan crossings are designed to take you from your present into your promise. You know you have come to a Jordan crossing when you recognize that you must move forward, but the way forward seems quite uncertain.

Joshua and the Israelites faced a Jordan crossing -- the distance between wilderness living and promise living. The Jordan parted for Joshua and the children of Israel. The Jordan also parted for Elijah.  He walked across the Jordan on dry ground and was caught up to be with God. Talk about entering a new dimension! The Jordan parted for the prophet Elisha. Elisha crossed the Jordan and went from serving the head prophet to being the head prophet. He entered a completely new dimension in ministry.

The new dimension can only be achieved God’s way. That’s why you will never find a boat at a Jordan crossing! You enter the place where you fully trust God to take you over and bring you through.  You learn that there are absolutely no limits to what God can and will do.

To cross Jordan successfully, you must: (1) Acknowledge that it is God speaking to you, challenging you to move forward even though the way seems uncertain (Prov. 3:5-6); (2) Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6,7,9); (3) Speak the end result as God has revealed it to you (Joshua 3:9-13); (4) Get in position to cross/get ready (Joshua 3:14); (5) Carry God's presence (Joshua 3:13); (6) Step into Jordan/move out under the power of God (Joshua 3:15); and (7) Give God praise/testify to the goodness of God (Johua 4:19-24)!

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  1. Thank you. Before crossing over the Jordan, I was given two glimpses of me looking at the Jordan and crossing over on horseback before I actually crossed years later.The joy of having the glimpse - was that I have the victory -- and to build memorial stones.

    The joy of knowing I had crossed over helped to prepare me for the Joshua like experiences that awaited me. Glory to God! Not only are they "when/win" situations, all I needed had already been laid up for me and was being released each time I faced a situation(s) and/or challenges that awaited me. Before the crossing is a time of development and training - readiness! Just part of the preparation process.

    Luv yuh!!!

    Moving forward

  2. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your comment. Good to hear the message struck a cord with you. I agree, God prepares you before you get to a Jordan crossing. Joshua, as Moses' right hand man, was being prepared all the while he served Moses. Thank God for moving us forward into new horizons and new opportunities. Blessings to you.


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